Happy Sunday! If you didn't know, for the entire month of August I have been participating in the Frank Body 31 Day Go Natural Challenge! The challenge is all about taking on a natural approach for all areas of your life. This includes what you put in your body and on your body. 

This challenge has encouraged me to get out a couple times a week to get my sweat on! I enjoy working out and being active so I was excited for the extra motivation from the Frank Body challenge

Since my schedule is always all over the place, I do not have set workout routine that I follow. However, I try to incorporate cardio, interval training, and barre throughout the week. 

My gym offers amazing group exercise classes, so I try to attend a couple of those each week. I love how I don't have to plan out a workout for myself, I can just show up to class and get a challenging workout. Some of my favorites include: HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Barre, & Bootcamp. My favorite types of workouts are interval training kinds, where it's a mix of cardio and weights.

CARDIO: I enjoy going outside for an evening run to de-stress and get some fresh air. I also frequently use the stair master because I'm all about building the booty. ;) My cardio workouts are about 30-45min long.

STRENGTH: I've never been one to lift super heavy weights because I don't want to comprise my form or injure myself. I stay around the 5lb-15lb range and do 3 rounds of 10-15 reps.

STRETCH: After every workout I always make sure to stretch! Most people don't take the time to stretch but it is crucial for muscle recovery and flexibility! 

Photography: Stone Malick