Photography: Stone Malick

First off, I can't believe that August is almost over! This summer flew by! Anyone else with me on that?! 

For the entire month of August I have been participating in the Frank Body 31 Day Go Natural Challenge!  The challenge encourages you to take on a natural approach in several areas of your life. I set a couple goals for myself before I started the challenge, and I'd say I did a pretty good job at sticking to them. The list included: working out a couple times a week, eating more greens, and to take time each day to read & pray. I believe statistics say, to make something a routine you must do it for 30 days?? I will definitely keep living out this challenge because I really enjoyed it and am passionate about living an all natural lifestyle. 

Also, let's talk about Frank Body's skincare line for a moment! The Creamy Face Cleanser is definitely one of my faves! It contains activated charcoal, coffee seed extract, marshmallow root, and coconut oil! That combination sounds pretty delicious to me! haha

The Glow Mask is another fave, since I'm all about having glowing, radiant skin, but who isn't?! The Glow Mask is a morning mask you put on for just 5 minutes! This mask will help brighten, hydrate, and perk up the skin! 

If you have yet to try out Frank Body products, I highly recommend! They smell great, are full of only natural ingredients and leave the skin feeling soft, refreshed, & hydrated!


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