One of my favorite things about styling is the creative process of putting looks together. I can't afford to always buy new clothes so I try to create new looks with the items I already have in my closet. Little things like cutting, tying, tucking can make such a difference! One thing I've been experimenting with is taking a traditional button down shirt and wearing it backwards! This might seem odd but it's actually really cool! 


How to style: Put your shirt on backward, tuck it in and then pull it up slightly to loosen it up a bit. Leave three to four buttons from the back undone to show a little bit of skin. You can even add  necklaces with a pendant dangling at the back, like I did. Or you can choose not to wear it tucked in, but to button just the top button and leave the rest undone. There's so many ways you can style the button-down, so get creative with it!