Fears to Fuel

Fears to Fuel

hey hey! Just wanted to do a little update on my life.  I had my last day at 7 For All Mankind, so I'm am completely freelance now! (Woop woop!) Working at 7 For All Mankind was a great job but I wanted to put more time and energy into my passions. I’ve been considering this for a while now but was scared to let go of it. However, I kept hearing God say "it’s time, trust in me." Also, two of my friends recently left their retail jobs to pursue their dreams and at the time I was still holding on to my job for security. I was so encouraged by my friend's actions to leave their retail job and God was like ok Lo, now it’s your turn. So I shortly put in my 2 weeks.

My boss didn’t want me to leave and was willing to be superflexible with my schedule and give me hours if I needed them. Logically that would be the thing to do but as I kept praying and thinking about it, God said, "no I need you to let it go, I don’t want you to have that safety net."

Don't get me wrong, it's definitely a scary thing. I often worry about finances and getting enough work to provide for myself. However, when fear creeps up I remember God's promises, "I will never let you down, I will provide for all your needs."


OUTFIT DETAILS: Top: 7 For All Mankind | Pants: Lulu's | Shoes: Vans | Sunnies: Lulus | Necklaces: Forever 21

Photography: Stone Malick