DIY: Suede Wrap Choker

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Happy Friday! Today I have a very easy and affordable choker necklace diy. I've been seeing this style of necklace all over and thought "Hey, I could make that!" One of my favorite things about this necklace is that it can be worn several different ways! I would love to see how you wear it! Use the hashtag #lobeholdstyle if you post them.


6 ft of faux suede cord

- 2 silver metal beads

- super glue



STEP 1: Take your super glue and place a few dabs of glue on to the end of the suede cord.

STEP 2: Gently slide your bead onto the end of the suede cord, then do the same on the other side.


STEP 3: Let dry, then wrap and wear!

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IMG_7895 copy
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// Photographed by: Suzi Ibanez