like it's 1999



Top: American Threads | Skirt: American Threads | Booties: Old Navy | Choker: American Threads

Photography: Evelyn

It's so funny how trends come and go! Once a trend has come to an end you look back and say "I would never wear that again", and next thing you know a few years pass and it's trendy again. The current obsession isΒ with all things '90sβ€” chokers, bodysuits, plaid, and high waisted mom jeans. Β The current brands people are scoping out are Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Champion.Β I feel like the '90s brings a sense of nostalgia that people like and can relate to. I am a '90s baby so it brings me back to my childhood.

For my outfit I paired an oversized plaid shirt with a black corduroy skirt and added a choker to really give it that '90s feel. I've been loving this outfit because it's so comfortable and laid back but the skirt and booties dress it up a bit.