My 23rd year held a lot of growth and change. I quit my job to pursue my dreams. Traveled to California, Atlanta, Tenneesee & all over Florida. I went to my first music festival, Bonnaroo. Landed several jobs that allow me to do what I am passionate about. My blog has grown exponentially and through that, I had made so many wonderful friends. Recently, I got signed to be a model and have had several modeling gigs. Also, to top it off- I moved into a beautiful home with 3 lovely ladies!

Although I just shared all the highlights of my past year, like I said before it was a year of growth. I learned so much and am continuing to be refined. My life might look a certain way on my blog and social media but I struggle with the same things everyone else does. This year wasn't full of all happy moments and good things. It was also a year of sacrifice and learning how to be obedient to God. It's not always easy, but man it is so sweet and rewarding!! The Lord has so much in store for everyone of us and wants to bless us. When we turn from our own sinful ways and trust in Him alone, then we can receive and experience the joy and blessings that come from God. I cannot begin to tell you how greatly your life and spirit will change when you do so.

 Cheers to 24!

bless bless.


Photography: Sydney Norberg | Location: The ALOFT Hotel