Santorini Guide


About a month ago, I was fortunate enough to make it back to Europe for my second summer in a row! Santorini, Greece has been my number one travel destination for a long time, and this time around I was able to go, and boy I’m glad I did. It turned out to be my favorite travel spot so far! I’ve put together a little guide to Santorini based on my wonderful experience there:


I stayed in a beautiful cave home in Oia, which I found through Airbnb. I love using Airbnb when traveling, because it lets me feel like a local by staying in someone’s home rather than a hotel.


  1. Lotza – This has to be some of the best Greek food in Oia. I ordered the stuffed peppers, and they didn’t disappoint!

  2. Lolita’s Gelato – This is a MUST for any gelato lovers.

  3. SantoNuts – A Santorini staple, it’s a candied peanut with sesame seeds.You’ll find them everywhere, but be careful – these are addicting ;)



  1. Wide rim hat

  2. Sunscreen, I've been loving Maui Babe's Lotion

  3. Sunglasses, obsessed with these at the moment!

  4. Anything white, light, and flowy!


Don’t Forget:

  1. A camera. I like to shoot on digital, but a film camera or polaroid would also work great in this scenic location.

  2. SMALL luggage! I made a rookie mistake and brought the biggest luggage I own. Dragging a 58lb suitcase up and down the rocky stairs is no fun.

  3. A towel. I've been loving my round Vagabond Towel!



  1. Cliff jumping

  2. Sunset watching

  3. Street shopping

  4. Sailing

  5. Exploring

  6. Bus to nearby towns. This option is only 2 euros and you’ll get to see more of Greece!


Bon Voyage!